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Our products enjoys high reputation with good quality, attractive design and reasonable price at home and abroad

Products: San Jing "Ye li xin" Manufacturing enterprises: Guangxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry

Address: No. 7 Bei Erli, Wangzhou Road, Nanning, Guangxi, P.R.China    Zip Code: 530001

Features: Comprehensive nutrition, reasonable formula, high levels of active ingredients;

A wide range of uses, applicable to a variety of crops, and can be used along with other pesticides;

Flexible use of a variety of crops dipping, soaking, spraying will be eligible for the effect of significantly increasing;

For fruit crops:  promote growth, flower forcing, increasing the set of fruit, quality improvement, and an increase of income;

For leafy crops:  can promote growth, increase chlorophyll, improve quality, and increase production;

For food crops:  can promote growth and improve the rate of panicle, an increase of income;

To improve crop’s capabilities of drought, cold, floods, pests, diseases, and storms resistance;

Non-toxic, odorless, non-injury, non-polluting.

“Ye li xin” has been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, which quality meets the specified requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture.Specifications: Brown-black liquid, non-toxic, odorless, soluble in water, the total amount of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5), potassium (K2O) ≥ 170 g / l, the total amount of trace elements (boron, zinc, molybdenum, iron, so as to elements) ≥ 30 g / L, organic trace ≥ 80 g / L, water insoluble compounds ≤ 50 g / L, PH value 3.0 ~ 8.0. And contains traces of a variety of amino acids, vitamin B, as well as sulfur, magnesium, calcium etc.


Organic content g/L

≥ 80.0

Total content of nutrients (N + P2O5 + K2O) g/L

≥ 170.0

Total content of trace elements (for Zn, B, Mo) g/L

≥ 30.0

Usage: 1,   Diluted with water, the level of dilution is according to different spray equipments. Hand sprayer (commonly used sprayer): 5 milliliters of  the product is diluted with 15-30 kilograms (kg) of water; power machinery sprayers (low volume sprayers): 10 milliliters of the product is diluted with 10 ~15 kilograms of water; aircraft spray (Ultra-Low volume sprayer), 10 milliliters of the product is diluted with 5 kilograms of water. 2,   Evenly spray on the surface of the leaves of the crop (spray on the dorsal at the same time for a better result).  Spraying time should avoid scorching sun and dew. The best spraying time is after 15:00 o'clock in the afternoon.Notes and storage:    1, After prepare the diluted solution, mixed with normal acid pesticides or a small amount of urea for a better results of rehabilitation.

   2, The effect of the chemical spraying can be maintained for 15 days.    3, if used more than the specified concentration of the instruction, inhibition may occur. Please pay more attention. If there is a need to increase the concentration of use, please do a test before widely use.    4, The sprayed liquid should be well distributed on the leaves. If happened to rain within 12 hours after spraying, please re-spray.    5, The product allows some precipitation. Shake it well before use, which does not affect the result.    6, The goods cannot replace the normal fertilization of crops.    7, Stored the product in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.    8, The product is non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable and non-explosive.    9, At room temperature, the product is stable for storage and valid for three years under seal.







Spray each time at young panicle differentiation end stage; full heading and milking stage



pod bearing period, spray twice of every 10 days



Growth period, before and after flowering period, small fruiting period

Tuber crops


Ridge closure period, growth period



Early stage of budding period, 15 days after flowering

Fruit trees


Germination period, before and after flowering period, small fruiting period



Small fruiting period to middle fruiting period, spray every 10 days, 2~3 times at total


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